SpoonLive: Healthier for Life

Who is SpoonLive ?

SpoonLive is a non-profit organization with a Passion :  Healthy Lifestyles… Healthier for Life!

Our mission is to educate you on how to be healthier for life. about quality nutrients, exercise and a clean environment has upon our health and wellbeing.  

By showcasing the benefits of healthy lifestyles, we inspire to:

  • Create a modern, health movement and encourage a cultural transformation focusing on preventing and curing diseases.
  • Create a demand for sustainable products and services that will positively enhance the quality of life. 
  • Become a resource for anyone who wants to be healthier for life

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”

Herophilus, Greek physician 335-280 BC

Malissa Stawicki

Holistic Health Advocate, SpoonLive Founder & Clinic Co-Founder of Natural Medicine & Detox

How a severe personal health issue led her to become a Holistic Health Advocate…

A graduate of ASU with a degree in Photography, Malissa Stawicki knew as a teenager what she wanted to do. She dreamed of moving to Paris, France, learning to speak French, and honing her photography knowledge.  

In 1997, she started SPOON, an Art & Fashion magazine with some friends. It gave up-and-coming artists and fashionistas an opportunity to gain exposure. It was distributed in high-end boutiques, bookstores, art galleries, and museums in over 33 countries. SPOON became an international success and attracted not only great talent but luxury, global fashion brands as advertisers.

Malissa was the publisher and editor-in-chief for about 8 years until it was acquired by an art publishing group. After working for the group for a year, she left to obtain an Executive MBA at TRIUM, EMBA, ranked 2nd in the world by the Financial Times. 

What Led Her to Holistic Health…

After graduating, Malissa planned to start an online, luxury fashion boutique, but she got very ill and had to put it all on hold. She went to several doctors in Paris, London, NY, and the Mayo Clinic in AZ but her health only worsened. Finally, after 2 years she met Dr. Gordon Josephs MD, MD(H) in Scottsdale, AZ., who was able to help her.

Malissa grew very close with Dr. Gordon Josephs and his wife Linda Josephs and learned a lot from them, their patients, and weekly classes at Envita Medical Center by founder Dr. Dino Prato. Sadly Dr. Josephs and his wife have since passed away. 

This experience and the loss of her father to cancer treatments changed Malissa’s life and lead her down a new path. Consequently, she became curious and passionate about holistic health. For the next 10 years, she went around the country taking classes and getting certified in therapies such as Gerson. She went to many conventions and applied what she learned to her own healing journey.  It was around this time she met her now husband, Doc (Dr. Mario Fontes).  

She talked to him about her business idea to create a clinic that encompassed all the things she learned and did to get well. In December 2014, they had an opportunity to take over a lease of a clinic and juice bar, in Downtown Phoenix, AZ. It was exactly the kind of business concept she wanted to start and thus Natural Medicine and Detox was born. Today they strive to help others with their health and wellness challenges and goals.  

Malissa completed 360 online education hours at the world-renowned Health Institute Hippocrates. Upon completing the coursework, she went to Florida for 3 weeks to learn more and experience the program in person. She now looks forward to integrating some of what she learned and providing nutritional assistance, as well as giving classes on sprouting for clients and the community.